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The Shattered WorldEdit

Important LocationsEdit

The following states figure prominantly in our world


Most cultures and societies have abandoned their traditional calenders and track dates from the sinkings of the Golden City of Hurthiaurix called the First and Second falls

Days of the Week

  • Sunday
  • Moonday
  • Earthday
  • Waterday
  • Thunderday
  • Fireday
  • Starday

Months of the Year

  • Theruzidon(Frostfall / midwinter)
  • Vaton (Frostfall / winter)
  • Ehlonnia (First Seed / spring)
  • Obadia (First Seed / mid-spring)
  • Fharleen (First Seed / spring)
  • Bahá (Last Seed / summer)
  • Pelia (Last Seed / midsummer)
  • Aurifa (Last Seed / summer)
  • Umberleen (Harvest / autumn)
  • Kordeen (Harvest / mid-autumn)
  • Dammaria (Harvest / autumn)
  • Nerullon (Frostfall / winter)

Character RacesEdit

For your character, you may choose any race from the Player’s Guide. This section gives you some character hooks based on the race you select. (Other race options are permitted with the GM's permission.)

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